My Daily Eleven Prayer Guide.


Adjust to fit pay someone to do your assignment your life.  You are unique.

Prayer and meditation is an important part of having a healthy and contented life.  Many philosophers, poets, prophets have spent their lives teaching and discussing it.  It is deeply personal.  The following is a guideline.  It will change and evolve over time.  We hope you find it useful.

  • Find a place (any place) that is right for you.
  • Write down all your pressing tasks and thoughts on a piece of paper or type it in to a password protected electronic file in your computer.  This way these won’t bother you during your session.  You can come back to them, refreshed.
  • Take your position.  There is no right or wrong position, whatever feels right to you at the time.
  • Thank the infinite power for every sense (hear, touch, smell, taste, sight), every positive fulfilling relationship you have, food shelter and other daily blessings.
  • Think of God and anything good.
  • Be gentle with your mind.  Don’t order or force it do anything.
  • Let your daily thoughts flow in to your mind and just as easily let it leave your mind.
  • Let go of worldly thoughts.
  • Go deep in to your mind and connect to a higher consciousness.
  • Don’t set a specific time; see what feels right to you.
  • Breathe
  • Think of nothing.
  • Thank the higher power, God the creator (or name that you give this source).
  • Give yourself credit for doing a good job.
  • Repeat every day.
  • It is true, practice makes perfect.

Over time you will get better.  Some sessions will feel more productive than others.  But every session you do will have a positive impact.  Do it for 2 minutes or 60 minutes.  It does not matter.  Just do it and feel the difference in your life.  Keep a chart for each day.  Track your mind set (happy, sad, relaxed, anxious).  Do a before and after for each session.  Be creative with it. Adjust as needed.  Give it a number if you like.  Make it a personal chart.  Monitor your progress.

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