Religion In All Things Holy


Religion is all things holy.  We pray for inner peace and for good of not just ourselves but of all mankind.  What does it mean to live a contented life?  We are disappointed if things do not go according to our plans.  Why are we disappointed?  There are millions of reasons why.  Here is one.  We want to pay respect to God and we pray together as a family.  If we are late going to a mass it may appear that we are not serious about our prayer.  If we cannot make it there on time then there is argument among family members as to why.  This creates suffering.

The answer appears to be that we should make our religious journey a personal one.  We come to this world as an individual and leave the same way.  It does not matter with whom or how we pray.  But it matters that we do pray.  It matters how we love our families, to provide food, shelter, education, morals and values.  It is a journey.  Every day comes with its challenges.  It ranges from not finding our shoes to wear that day to having enough money to pay the water bill.  In between, as parents, we have the task of performing at our jobs in the changing, competitive world to helping our kids with homework to sustaining our relationship with our spouse.

Many books have been written to address just one of the above topics.  What it comes down to is that our mind and thoughts should be focused on doing good for others.  How can we raise children with strong self-esteem who will learn and grow to help not only themselves but others around them?  How can we have a positive impact to each and every life we touch?  How can we earn enough money to provide and save enough for the future?  All these can and have been done successfully.  Even the ones who have had success have failed sometimes.  But they learned from their mistakes.  Let us plan on doing good deed for others every day.

In so doing we will earn a living with what we do best.  By growing each day we will teach others around us to be their best.  We will be compassionate towards others no matter who they are.  We will be gentle with others and ourselves.  Let this day be a catalyst to start to a better future going forward.


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