Goal Setting Through Meditation And Mindfulness

co-teachersThis article is inspired by Ryan Kurczak’s presentation.


Ryan Kurczak goes over the techniques in his YouTube video.

People have restless minds.   If one has clear vision what they want that’s what they will get.  We must empty our minds.

Alternate nostril breathing

Focus on frontal lobe of the brain.  Meditation activates this part of the brain.  Practice will help perfect this process.  This helps with depression and anxiety.


Breathe in with one nostril, take your thumb close the nostril exhale out the other nostril and breathe in.  Exhale through the other nostril.  Repeat with other side.  Do 12 times.


Hold your awareness up here on the frontal lobe.  Be one with everything.

If distractions in the mind come up, that is OK.  Come back to mindfulness.

Think of three things you want to experience.  Write it down.  Look at the first item for two minutes.  Think why do you want it and feel having it.  What is the reason you want it?

For each item write down several phrases.  Feel the certainty of knowing what you want.  After two minutes look at item two and repeat the steps.  Do it for two minutes.  Repeat again for item three.

This is like planting seeds.  Plant your seeds every day.


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