Are You A Peak Learner?


Who is a peak learner?  In the book Peak Learning author Ronald Gross explains some of the characteristics of a peak learner.

Peak learners feel at their best when they are learning something new.  They take pride in what they are learning.  Peak learners are also aware of how much there is to learn and what they don’t know.  They do not pretend to understand but will keep trying until they do.  Peak learners are not afraid to ask questions, they realize time is valuable and there is no room for wasting it.  This group of unique individuals learns from life’s experiences.  They may journal and reflect on their writings to learn from them.

Peak learners are confident in their ability to learn and understand a given topic.  This confidence helps accelerate their learning.  This group understands that the investment in their own personal growth is the best investment they will ever make.

Next time you come across somebody you admire for their accomplishments, think back to this log and mostly likely you will discover that person is a peak learner.


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