Be A Great Learner!

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Each of us is unique and full of potential.  Are we tapping into the source to maximize our potential?

In the book Learning to Learn, strengthening your study skill and brain power, Gloria Frender talks about focusing on ones learning style.

Below are few points she recommends:

  • Know what type of a learner you are.

  • When you learn something know why and how you are doing it.

  • Know what time of the day you learn the best and where.

  • Use all your senses as you learn something.

  • Have flexibility with your thinking as you are learning.

  • Know your teacher’s teaching style.

The three basic modalities are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  Visual modality is seeing, auditory is hearing and kinesthetic is doing.


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  1. Great post! I am a teacher and try to always help my students figure out their learning style to maximize their learning potential!

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