Child’s School Supplies List

Fall is almost here and school is just a stone’s throw away.

Which means only one thing, your child’s school supplies. As a parent its incredibly important for your little student to be ready to tackle every assignment and task he or she faces with confidence. Without the right school supplies your child will find it hard and self defeating. These are qualities that you can not allow them to feel because this will make them lose interest and deviate from the objective of learning.

Here is a little checklist I started out for you. It is not exactly what your child may need, it all depends on the grade level your child may be in. Feel free to modify it to their needs. Once you develop this check list you should want to develop a daily, weekly and monthly. I guarantee this will make your mornings go allot better?  Completing this checklist the night before it the best time.

Here is the checklist of items you should consider, but once again it varies depending on your child’s grade level and school he/she maybe attending.

  • Black and Blue Pens
  • Number 2 Pencils
  • Mathematics Book
  • Checklist of all homework assignments
  • 12″ inch ruler
  • Notebooks or Note Pads
  • Day Planner
  • Lunch box
  • Water bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Snacks
  • Backpack; make sure it is in good condition
  • Gym clothes; make sure it is not dirty nor smelly
  • Musical instruments / Music scores or workbooks (if applicable)
  • Compass for Geometry
  • Geometric Protractor
  • Thermos
  • Calculator; check with your teacher to see if he/she has the right kind
  • Fully charged cell phone (if allowed or age appropriate)
  • Have your school clothes, shoes clean, neat.
  • Keys; preferably in a compartment inside the backpack.

So be aware if there are items that your little one may need. Keep the lines of communication open with their teachers. Find out what things are required and make it a priority. Not having the right tools to complete your projects is the worst feeling in the world. Now imagine how a child may feel not being to do their assignment not because they don’t know how to do it, but because they do not have the supplies to complete their assignment.

Child’s School Supplies List

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