Making Friends Is Not Always Easy

Making friends is not always easy.  With practice you can learn how to be a good friend to others.  You may then find that others are seeking you out to be their friends.

  • Friendships are created and kept when we have common goals and interests.  List five things you like to do.  For example, playing tennis, working out, taking walks, bowling, fishing… Next, think of someone who might like the same that you would like to do each with.

  • Be a good listener and genuinely care about others success.

  • Always be honest with others.

  • Be respectful to each and every one.  Give respect to get respect.

  • Be generous, share.

  • Be generous, forgive.

  • Always seek to understand first, then to be understood.  Self-improvement expert Franklin Covey taught this for many years.

It is important for everyone to have someone who they consider as pillars of support.  Just as family members often provide this role, friends, similarly, are just important.  They bring an outside perspective to any situation.  A true friend is a good listener, gives honest feedback while not hurting the feeling of the other person.  It is a very delicate balance and it is not always an easy task.  With time, however, this role can be strengthened and established.  A good friend will provide support and sound advice while looking at the overall good of others.

One should always be honest and speak the truth to his or her friend. This way there is less chance of misunderstanding and conflict.  When there is a difference of opinion, one should explain their point of view by outlining why that is the case.  It is very important to explain the why with delicacy.  Most of us read in the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, it is important to first walk a mile in the other person’s shoes trying understand what they are saying or asking for.

Life goes by quickly therefore always seek to add value to others.  That way at the end you will not have any regrets in life.


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