Develop the Art of Public Speaking

Speaking in front of an audience, however small it may be can make some people nervous while others feel it is their forte. Public speaking is all about confidence! If you know how to present yourself correctly, half the task is done. Everybody gets cold feet or nervous before going onto the stage but the one who has prepared well, feels relaxed as soon as he delivers his first line.

There are certain things to be kept in mind, which can make a public speaking experience shine much above expectation. First impression is the last impression, everyone believes in this adage. If the opening of the speech gathers the public attention then the audience is hooked for more, otherwise there is just a long boring session to follow. Start the speech on a friendly note, with an anecdote or latest news that will help break the ice with the audience. The attire worn by you must be formal, neat and presentable. Keep in check the colors and print. Be very clear about the response you are expecting from the public, depending upon the message you need to impart the tone of the speech has to be modulated. Switch between being assertive, friendly, understanding and light-hearted.

The matter to be spoken must be great and thoroughly researched; if the audience can relate to it then the response will be great too. Don’t ramble what you have scribbled. However, keeping index cards will give you an idea about what has to be spoken next and the audience will remain attentive throughout. Practice the speech over and over again in front of friends or mirror, by doing so you can time your speech and also practice hand gestures and body language. Right gestures in public speaking impart a message more strongly than mere words. You may also need to have Q&A session after the speech. Even if you are shaking from inside, keep your body language confident and relaxed. Make a powerful presentation for your public speaking if required and distribute handouts in case the speech is very technical or detailed. This way the audience can read the parts that need more understanding or reread great message imparted by the speaker. Look at the audience and interact, making an eye contact with everybody will give you confidence and make the audience more attentive. Once you have done all of the homework, just keep yourself focused and you are ready to be a star on the stage and take on the world!


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