How To Review And Analyze A Job Description

Job Descriptions

Everyone at some point in their life has to go out and look for a job.  This article teaches you what to look for in a job posting regardless of where it is posted.
Company Name

Find the company name and do the research on that company.  Go to the company website and other relevant sites to find out as much as you can about the company, the services and product they offer.   Research the work culture and mission statement of the company.  It is advisable for any working professional, even a college student to have a LinkedIn profile.  Look for the company in LinkedIn.  Look in your LinkedIn contacts so see if you know anyone in your contacts who can introduce you to someone in that company.  Look to see if the company is a local, national or international company.  Prepare the resume and cover letter accordingly.


Contact Person

Contact person may be in your LinkedIn contact or someone you know may be able to introduce you to this person.  You also want to address this person in your cover letter.
Job Title

Be sure to reference the job title in your cover letter and as well as your resume.
Job requirement

This will be the bulk of your research and priority.  Look through to highlight and mark the required, relevant and optional job skills.  Identify which of these you have and make notes on what experiences you have for each.  It is recommended you create an informal mind map for yourself to prepare for the possible interview and get an idea about the position.  Mindomo is good program that offer FREE maps.  Here is the link
If you are interested in the job and your instincts tell you to apply for the job then go for it!


How To Review And Analyze A Job Description

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