One Great Way to Network For Career and Business Success

Business Success

It might seem like something people dream of, but there are numerous persons nowadays that can find they next job using social media. But how can that be possible? It’s really simple. The Internet allows you access to all types of companies, from small to iconic ones, and it’s up to you to get a name for yourself and join their ranks.

Some of the most popular social networks from a professional standpoint is surely LinkedIn, a network that has been around for more than 10 years now. Having a profile here allows you to easily showcase your education, knowledge and skills to anyone that has an Internet connection.

One of the main advantages of posting your resume on such a social network is that, once placed, the resume is always online and can be checked by anyone at any given time during the day. On top of that, LinkedIn also provides a lot of exposure, since it hosts 200 million accounts for both companies and professionals, so the chances to find a good job here are quite large.

There are a few ways you can increase the effectiveness of LinkedIn however, and the first one is to surely customize your URL. This helps you drive it towards a Google search of your name, which helps the person looking for you to find more about your education, knowledge, etc. So customizing your URL can help a lot with your personal SEO, so this is very important.

Long descriptions are always boring the reader, so the best thing you can do here is write a crisp, interesting and simple summary of your career, showcasing highlights such as awards, prestigious workplaces and other relevant diplomas you own.

In addition, you must also place a lot of emphasis on the whole experience section of your profile. Many employers want to read this in order to see if you meet their requirements. List all the significant jobs you had, and place a focus on the ones that make you stand out of the ordinary.

It’s also very important to showcase your current and previous work using a portfolio website, especially if you are a writer or designer. It’s really important to show others what you can do, because they will immediately know if you are suitable for the job or not.

The best way to get jobs through LinkedIn is surely by connecting with people. If someone in your group has a contact in a company you want to work for, all you need to do is ask the person to make an introduction to that contact for you. Although it might seem a little odd for some, there are lots of people already doing this, and most of the time the results are amazing, since you end up getting a job for a company you never dreamed to work for. This is surely the main strength of LinkedIn, the ability to find people that work for prestigious/unknown companies and ending up working there, even though it seemed impossible t first.

When it comes to how many connections you should have, there are surely different answers. Some think that connecting only to people you know makes your profile look professional, while others say that the more connections you have the better, since it increases the overall chances you have of getting a job.

All in all, you can use the LinkedIn platform to get quite a large number of jobs, as long as you create your profile correctly and you also display it on other social media platforms. You can’t know what might happen, so it’s really important to have you profile set up the right way and promote it anywhere you can, in order to increase the chances of getting your dream job.

One Great Way to Network For Career and Busines Success

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