6 Ways To Overcome Public Speaking Fear and Anxiety

Most of us don’t have a problem when it comes to speaking with a person face to face, but when it comes to showcasing something in front of an audience, a sense of fear quickly appears. We don’t know why this comes, but it surely can have some negative effects, especially if the presentation we are performing goes wrong. That’s why overcoming this fear and replacing it with a sense of trust and reliability is what we need to do if we want everything to perform as we want to.

First of all, you need to realize the source of the fear. Most of the time, it can be the fear of being misjudged, not measuring up, not to perform at the desired standards, etc. You need to remember though that people in the audience want you to succeed. You must perform lots of practice in order to overcome your fears and emotions. This helps you get the best results.

Another essential thing to do is to face down your fears right after seeing their cause. It’s really important to make sure that everything is ok with you on a psychological level, and nothing can change the way you feel about anything. Try and be confident, and also breathe deeply, while also remembering that practice makes perfect. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the world of your dreams, where no one can touch you or harm you. While here, remember your purpose and don’t hesitate to relive some of the pressure by relaxing.

Relaxation is the key of letting everything go and thinking about you for a change. This allows you to relieve a lot of the stress and pressure you have right now, and, instead, I helps you focus on the matter at hand, something that’s really important for you before speaking in front of the public.

Also, in order to overcome fear, you should try and enroll and engage the audience in your discourse. Don’t host a monologue, because people will simply be bored with it. Instead, try and talk with the audience, as this will also help you overcome the fear and see the audience for what they are, and that’s people interested in what you want to say.

Before going in front of the public, use the wall push method. This particular technique requires you to stand near the wall, placing your palms on it and starting to push the wall. Performing this will contract your abdominal muscles. As you breathe out, you will feel a sense of relaxation, helping you to overcome stage fright.

Of course, practice makes perfect. Repeat your speech in front of the mirror, just to see how the whole thing pans out, and how good are the results. Doing this helps a lot in preparing yourself for the speech day.

Recording your practices can also allow you to overcome all the stage fright and, instead, it will allow you to see all the problems your current speech practice has, thus providing you with the means to improve it and come as close to perfection as possible.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to overcome fear, you just need to be prepared and practice as much as possible before going on stage. Also, stay focused and always remember that structuring your text will allow you to focus on the points you want to present in front of your audience, and this is surely the desire thing to do.


6 Ways To Overcome Public Speaking Fear and Anxiety

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