Coping With ADHD During The Holidays

Coping With ADHD During The Holidays

Even if your child has ADHD, there’s no need to worry, as you can offer him/her a great holiday, far from any family conflicts, behavior problems and things like that. Instead, you can easily provide them with a one of a kind, familiar and amazing environment in which they can feel protected, as this is all that matters. The attention deficit children always want to stay at home, so you should try and integrate your whole holiday plans around your home if you want to make them happy. Creating happier memories for them is crucial, and here are a few things to help you do that.

Just like any other holiday plan, we recommend you to always plan ahead. Creating a great, reliable plan is essential here. You might want to create a good schedule that includes some parties, activities like decorating for example and, what’s even more important, you need to bring in the holiday treats, as these are great for any kids, including the ones that suffer from ADHD. Of course, it’s essential to talk with the doctor and see if there are any changes to be made with the medication if your child is under treatment in the holiday period.

A child with ADHD can have control problems, and that’s why you need to try and teach him self control. This is a great way to prepare him for the holidays, and also relax the child as well. Yoga, breathing exercises as well as other similar ways to loosen the tension and relax will help the child understand why these things are happening and, what’s even more important, you will get a better holiday experience as well.

Of course, these calming techniques need to be rehearsed a lot, as they do take quite a lot of time to implement. Try to imbue into the child the idea that he should come to you or his grandparents whenever he faces a problem, as this way he will always be safe and he will relieve the pressure that comes from not having what he wants.

A child with ADHD can feel too much pressure if you engage him or her into way too many events, and that is why you should try to schedule the time conveniently. Try to avoid an overload of events and instead focus on providing the child with one on one attention. It’s important to offer a way for the child to show his emotions without making a scene, so try to create an environment where he can do just that. Staying at a motel instead of just sleeping over will provide you with the best setting for this!

Lastly, you should try and engage your child into different holiday activities. From cooking the holiday meal to wrapping presents or adding decorations on the tree, these will create an even stronger bond between the ADHD child and the parent. Just try to create a welcoming environment, filled with love and attention for the ADHD child and the whole family will have a wonderful holiday together.

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